NEW DARIUSBURST owners, please read!

Here's the main setup menu transalation :

In the menu you also can see what is your current game version

In the main title, here's also an important information about the version :

Now your first idea -as a new dariusburst owner- would be to reset the game to the factory settings
or to reset the hiscore table...

...but do not without reading the following!!

this game had 4 time online version updates so far (december 2014)

Ver1.00 : you can only select the Origin Next Legend ship
1/ unlock A -> add new chronicle mode area
2/ unlock B (Ver 1.13) -> add EX mode + add Second GAIDEN/Assault Silver Hawk ships !!need online update!!
3/ EX phase1 (ver 1.14) add Genesis silver hawk ship !!need online update!!
4/ EX phase2 (ver 1.15) add new chronicle mode area + new bosses !!need online update!!

In japan, these Dariusburst units are supposed to be all connected over a dedicated TAITO network called Nesys
So these units can share hi-score, use a online play mode, but also can be automatically updated over the Nesys network when needed
If you decide to reset to factory default or reseting the hiscore, your game will go to its lowest version,
with no possibility to upgrade again, except if your connect to the Nesys network, which is obviously not possible outside japan!
The Chronicle mode cannot be selected on the latest japanese version of the game if not connected to Nesys network

(This page will be updated/corrected if required! contact me over email right here) )

a HUGE THANK YOU to suzuki from this dariusburst fan website (click me) for theses precious informations! Without him, i would be runnning the version 1.00 of the game...