All the DariusBurst parts are now safe inside my game room!

Removing one monitor to pass the door was a good thing after all. I realize how dirty the monitor is and how this certainly affects the image quality in game.

Let's clean this!.

While i'm here, let's do the job for this massive mirror inside the cabinet:

A Way far better now :

Let's move the darius Burst from the 'V2 blue room' into the 'V1 orange room'.
Funny TAITO face to face : one of the earliest game facing one of the latest one:

Now entering the 'V1 orange room'.

assembling in progress...what a monster!

That would make non sense not to clean the second monitor. To access it, I had to remove that huge glass...fragile!
caution during the manipulation!

I can access the 2ND monitor now

Clean like the first day :-)

No need to clean that area. It's change comparing the inside of a 30 years old cabinets :-)
Taito Type X2 powered

Assembling in progress. This is as far as I can go alone. I'll need someone else to fix the last part (roof/marquee).

So, during the wait... playing time! This game rocks!

... and fully assembled...